Die Milch

中世バロック音楽をベースにClassic, Rock, Electronicaをミックスしたサウンドはイギリスのとある記事にて「Medieval Pop」と紹介された。
作詞 作曲、piano vocal のCocoを中心にヴァイオリンやパフォーマンスを含めたユニットとして2012年より始動。
2012 1st Album 『Metronom』
2013 sigle『MaMa』
インストアルバム『Inner Forest~森の隠しもの~』
2015 2nd Album 『Imperial』
2012 日仏学院「フランス音楽の日」「ベトナムフェスティバル」
2013 プラハ「菩提樹祭り」
イギリス「Austen&the Abbey」
パリ Kawaii cafe Live
2015 ロンドン Hyper Japan
ウィーン「Gothic dandy &Lolita Music Festival」
2016 ポズナン(ポーランド) Japanicon
contact : butler@diemilch.com
web site : www.diemilch.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DieMilch2012
Twitter : https://twitter.com/die_milch
Coco's blog : http://ameblo.jp/die-milch/

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とある中世の小さな町に ニーヤという少女がいた。

Die Milch is…
Die Milch is a Gothic & Lolita unit that represent a complete fusion of music and fashion. Based on Medieval Baroque music, these dolls perform all over world with their unique mix of classic, rock and electronica.
Die Milch started performing lives in 2012. Alongside main doll Coco on vocals, piano, music and lyrics, Die Milch also brings master violinist as well as other performers into their dynamic performances.
2012 1st album “Metronom”
2013 1st single “MaMa”
Piano album “Inner Forest”
2015 2nd single“Imperial”
2011「Rosaria」ending song of ChukyoTV「Cinema BAR」 
2012 Institut Francais "Fete de la Musique"
"Vietnam Festival"
2013 "Bodaiju Matsuri" in Prague (Czech Republic)
"Austen&the Abbey" in UK
Kawaii cafe in Paris
“Milk Tea Day" in London
2015.06 ”Hyper Japan" in London
.10 “Gothic dandy & Lolita girls Festival” in Wien
2016.10 Japanicon in Poznań, Poland

Die Milch also plays Classical music.
We can fly half-way around the world to play music.
We welcome your offers of invitation for our performance.

<Background story>
In some country,
In the Middle-ages,
There was a girl called “Nieya”
who shut her heart to anyone, anything
due to her parents’ death.
Her only friend was a doll named “Coco”, given by her father.
Coco was a magic doll created by a wizard.
Coco could turn into a human and sing only for the limited time.
She started creating beautiful music with another dolls.
The harmony they created became talked about,
and the emperor of that time finally got to know it.
They were caught up in the storm of the times and the magic was sealed off….
The magic was unsealed,
and the dolls came back into the world to play the beautiful sound…

contact : butler@diemilch.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/DieMilch2012
Twitter : https://twitter.com/die_milch